Come and learn how you can earn up to N153,600 per day and N4 million in a month, as you progress in this Opportunity.

We help you do the needful, and you earn while you are at home or work. We also teach you our Online Recruiting Strategies in case you want to participate and further boost your growth. We carry out office transactions on your behalf.


I was privileged to be among the Nigerian delegates to the Philippines May 2016, in the bid to look for a legitimate helping business. I met with Dr Ed Cabantog, Medical Doctor, CEO and Visionary President of Alliance In Motion Global Inc.: a pro-distributor multi-award winning company with proven track records and 11 years existence, with presence in Nigeria in 6 cities, and 6 African countries. Still expanding!

My fruitful business conference with successful and 7-figure earning entrepreneurs and the company owners gave me a blue print to help my fellow Nigerians earn extra income in the present economic recession, using this award-winning company system, even if they are working and don’t have time to do the needful.

This gave birth to a Program is called DIP = Daily Income Plan “Breaking Barriers“, designed to pilot the business for you while you are busy with other things. The program convinces people for you, as that is the challenge of most people, but if you choose to do anything, its becomes your extra income in addition to what DIP does for you.

Those who will enrol in this DIP will leverage on our experiences. In other words, they stand to earn from our activities in the business, on a first-come-first-serve basis. Your duty is just to enrol, key into the system’s modus operandi and earn while you do other things, without any compulsion to buy or sell the company’s health products.

This program is just about to kick off with the Cluster Phase, whereby all enrollees are arranged in clusters. At this beginning phase, anyone one who enrols first, will stand a chance of being at the top of the cluster, i.e. If you sign up now, you stand a chance of having some of the enrollees under you, and whatever the system does for them, you continue to earn in (multiples) of N9600, N19200 and N28800 daily based on your investment; and up to N153,000 per day, as progress is made.


This is a rare privilege for all Nigerians, because we are yet to throw it open to the other 6 African countries – Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya, Togo, Ivory Coast. With South Africa, Tanzania, Rwanda and Congo coming on board later. All Nigerians enrolled will stand a chance of having participants from these countries under them.


We are working in partnership with the best Network Marketing company in the world today, Alliance In Motion, to offer you:

  1. One time, life time, international and transferable enrolment (with huge instant return on investment)
  2. Optional Referrals or “bringing people” or “convincing people” ie. You are not forced to refer or convince someone for you to earn.
  3. A plan to earn you (multiples) of N9600, N19200 and N28800 daily based on your investment, as you progress.
  4. Buying and selling NEVER compulsory
  5. Get free unique and unmatched health products for your health needs.
  6. Qualify for Unlimited Online/Offline FREE MEDICAL CONSULTATIONS/COUNSEL on your health needs and applications of the products.
  7. Perfect part-time or full-time online/offline business
  8. Stable Company System – Safety net and Flush out system ensures stability (free from imminent collapse)
  9. No Authorship, No time frame, No set target, No demotion, No pass up
  10. Successful, pro-distributor, and multi-award winning Company founders/owners.
  11. Fastest emerging free enterprise sleeping giant with 11yrs in existence, rapidly expanding with wide acceptance and large followership.


  • Health Products worth your Enrolment Amount
  • FREE Franchising
  • FREE Distributor’s Tracking Center (DTC) – Monitor your business/transactions on-the-go from your electronic gadgets
  • 25% Lifetime Discount & Points (Commissional & Positional) – Just in case you wish to reorder any health product of your choice
  • FREE TRAININGS: At offices nationwide attend free NDO, OPP, Alliance Success and Achievement Program 1 & 2, Technical Training, Special Trainings/Skill Sets & Mentoring programs, & Online Recruitment Strategies.
  • Automatic Membership of 24/7 Wellness Clinic Clientele

  • FREE Access to Office Facilities – Internet, Seminar Halls, etc.
  • Free Health & Business Seminars by our Professionals
  • Free Unlimited Medical Consultations/Counselling Service
  • Business Kit/booklets

Attend Business Orientation Meeting (BOM)

Enrolment packages

Consists of Packages of Health Products worth more than the stipulated amount. VALUE FOR MONEY!



Its the Starter Package: get back products worth N73,000.

With 1 centre you can earn up to a maximum of:
₦ 153,600 / day
₦ 1,075,200 / week
₦ 4,761,600 / month


Its the Entrepreneur Package = Starter package in your name in 3 places: get back products worth N219,000 + instant N19,600 in your back office.

With 3 centres earn up to a maximum of:
₦ 460,800 / day
₦ 3,225,600 / week
₦ 14,284,800 / month


Its the International Package = Starter package in your name in 7 places: get back products worth N511,000 + instant N78,000 in your back office

With 7 centres earn up to a maximum of:
₦ 1,075,200 / day
₦ 7,526,400 / week
₦ 33,331,200 / month

15 CENTRES: 15 GLOBAL PACKAGES (₦1,050,000)

Its the Family Package = International + 8 starter packages: get back products worth N1,095,000 + instant N204,400 in your back office (+ Travel Reward Points).

You can register your family members and position them to also earn with you.


  • This is only for those who have a large fan base or followership or experienced Networkers, and will like to take full charge of their investment with/without OUR STRATEGIES to build their multi-million naira business.
  • Earn exponentially faster and higher at the shortest possible time.
  • Rise up in rank within the shortest possible time.
  • Currently used by politicians and philanthropists to empower people especially the youths, family members, etc., and earn in the process.
  • Multiple matching/pairing bonuses (N9,600) just in a single referrals (Use 1 stone to kill several birds)
  • Enjoy unbelievable leveraged income in a short time.
  • Possibility of account transfer to your family members.

If have the funds, don’t hold it back, invest it, and you won’t regret.

1 centre = a good start
3 centres = better & courageous
7 centres = best, courageous and far-sighted
15 centres = perfect, courageous & far-sighted


Make notes of your potential business partners and share with us, for help.
  • Make a prospect list = Compile a list of your friends who may like this opportunity, and send to us for follow up, on your behalf.
  • Learn the business by attending trainings online or offline.
  • If possible, carry your friends to our daily seminars, if you are located in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Kano, Onitsha, or Ibadan. However, this is optional!
  • We will teach you our facebook online strategies, such that you can use your phone wherever you are to add more earnings to your existing.

There are lots of testimonials! More than 400 ‘silent’ millionaires already created by this Award-winning Company in Nigeria. As a consequence a lot of persons are investing on daily basis; your colleague, neighbour, family member or friend might be interested in this. You may want to take advantage by enrolling before them and then link them to us to do the convincing for you and you have them under you.

Our modus operandi is tested and trusted!

Please Note!
This program is a rare privilege specifically meant for all Nigerians with ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET, but we don’t expect all to be part of it.

Happy At Your Service!

To your success


Dr. Godwin Ukeje MBBS, MBA
Innovator/Visionary Leader, Transformers Alliance
CEO/MD, 24/7 Wellness Clinic
WhatsApp/Text/Phone: +2347038441472, 9092599172